Chapter 2 - Headquarters

FanFiction by Elvendork Wilberforce
(A continuation of the story that J.K. Rowling started in her short prequel.)

"That's three more that'll have it in for us, now," Sirius said over his shoulder, yelling over the noise of the flying motorcycle.

"Don't think they were too pleased with us to begin with," James replied into Sirius' ear.

"Guess not."

Now free of the three death eaters that had been chasing them, James and Sirius were able to head back to their secret headquarters.

"How do you think they found out about our patrols?" James wondered outloud.

"We must have a snitch somewhere. And not the good kind! It can't be someone in the G.P.'s. Someone must have slipped to someone."

"We'll ask when we get back," James suggested.

"WHAT HAVE YOU BOYS BEEN UP TO NOW?! Your hands on the clock never left 'danger'!"

The small woman greeting them at the door appeared to have been waiting for them. She exuded caring and warmth even when agitated as she was now. They politely worked by her into the room.

"It's alright, Mum. We were just out for a ride on Sirius' bike." The boys grabbed some food from the pantry and disappeared down the stairs, Sirius saying, "Thank you, Mrs. Potter!"

"You boys will be the death of me!" she yelled after them.

"Was that you we heard about on the muggle police radio?" Abigail said, as she hugged Sirius and greeted them into the headquarters of the Golden Phoenixes, which was really just the basement of the Potter house. Abigail, a tall, handsome girl with flowing red hair, looked like she could go round for round with Sirius, and was a girl not to be taken lightly.

"Of course it was," Lily said, and gave James a hug. "Who else gets their kicks annoying the muggle police?"

"It was different this time, Lily. Three death eaters were chasing us. The muggle police actually saved us," James said, moving over to sit in his favorite chair.

"Did you get a good look at them?" Wormtail, who was also already at the gathering, asked.

"No," Sirius replied, dejectedly. He too moved to the nearby couch and flopped down into it.

"One of them was Dolohov, though, I'm sure of it," James added, trying to smooth down his hair, to no avail.

Wormtail looked worried at this. "Snape, probably, too, I bet..." he added.

"You just don't like him," Lily interrupted.

"And you DO!" Wormtail shot back, accusingly.

James looked at both of them, trying to decide whether or not to get into the middle again of this old argument between he and Lily.

"Snape's too much of a snivelly coward to be a death eater!" Sirius said, saving James. They all laughed.

"So!" Lily asked, serious again. "Did you get it?"

"No," Sirius replied, dejectedly. "It wasn't there. Either our information was wrong, or someone tipped them off. A possibility supported by the appearance of our three friends."

"It could have just been a big trap, Sirius," Abigail said in a worried voice.

"Where's Regge?" Sirius asked, looking around, changing the subject.

"Never showed up this morning," Wormtail replied quietly.

"I hope he's OK..." Abigail said, voicing the fears of everyone in the room.

"Oh, Regge can take care of himself," Sirius said.

"But, he's taking such a big risk! Helping us and all..." Lily reminded them, going over and sitting on the arm of James' chair. He put his arm around her.

"There's nothing wrong with visiting your older brother and his friends," Siruis said. "He can't get in trouble for that..."

"Unless they know about us..." Wormtail said, in his usual worrying way.

"That's why we keep you around, Wormtail, to remind us of the bright side!" kidded James, standing up again, to give Wormtail a shot in the arm. "There's no 'us' for them to know about. We're just five school friends who got together and formed a rock band."

"I told you we shouldn't have made T-shirts!" Wormtail whined.

"I think they're wicked, Abbey!" Sirius said to Abigail, who looked pleased if not slightly condescended to.

"We wouldn't have to worry about the T-shirts if you had found the cloak," Lily pointed out to James, sternly.

"Well... let's get some rehearsal time in for a change," Wormtail said, changing the subject again. "Can we do "Broomstick To My Heart"? I'm still not getting the words to the second verse..."

They moved into their onstage band places, Abigail and Sirius on guitars, James on keyboards, Wormtail playing the drums and Lily at the mike, tambourine in hand.

"I'll get my cloak back," James said quietly, to himself. "If it's the last thing I do."